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Work with a team who are experienced with all types of tree felling and tree dismantling so you can get a completely safe removal service. We will assess your needs and liaise with you on the best method to take.

We offer tree felling and removal services  for all situations and land types. Whether its your home, a commercial site, a school, building or a farm, we can ensure that your tree removal service goes safe and smooth.

Treeworkz are experienced in all aspects of tree removal/dismantling.


What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a term used to describe a method of removing a stump after a tree has been cut. A large cutting wheel with tungsten teeth is used to chip away the stump to below the surface of the ground.

Stump grinding is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your property. In many cases, once we are finished, there is little sign that equipment was ever on your property.

Our modern stump grinding equipment is light, maneuverable, quick, and non-intrusive. We are all about accessibility and reducing the impact of stump removal to the environments that we work in.


Did you get a little excited with your chainsaw over weekend.  Give us a ring for a  quote to mulch all that wood and foliage you removed.

Remember to stack it nicely and you will save on our chipping rate.

Branch chipping is more cost affective than a skip bin.

Chip can remain on your site or we are more than happy to take it away.


The Benefits of Mulching 

What is mulch?  Mulch is organic matter which covers the soil. The organic ground cover in a bush or forest setting (leaf and needle litter) decomposes, and naturally provides nutrients for trees and other plant life. 

Adding a proper layer of mulch around your trees helps to simulate a natural forest setting by returning nutrients back into the soil, which in turn, helps to replenish the soil.